Selected Work

A Lot Can Happen in 27 Years,” The Pinch (forthcoming 2023)

Review of Garner’s Modern English Usage (5th edition), DIAGRAM

Review of Blithedale Canyon by Michael BourneRain Taxi

How a 19th-Century Idea Could Rescue 21st-Century Art,” Critical Read

Decadence and Depravity at 50,” The New Southern Fugitives

Chekhov Bets You’re Bored, and That’s OK,” Litro

The Art and Politics of Nature,” Starting Points Journal

Taping It Up,” BULL

Where He Was Calling From,” Punchnel’s

In the End, We’re all Toreros,” Marco Polo Arts Mag

The Whale that Started the Green Movement,” mental_floss

Clear Skies and Hefeweizen Haze,” GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

Horsing Around the Other Inca Trail,” GoMad Nomad Travel Mag

Trekking for a Better World,” Américas

The Technicolor Taxi From Tenochtitlan,” The Piker Press

Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic,” Punchnel’s

A Boat, A River, and the Specter of Forgetting,” Punchnel’s

Snapping Back on Life and Family,Punchnel’s

Horserace,” Specter